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Bots for Messenger: Adding Analytics Support and FbStart Membership Opportunities

Since launching the Messenger Platform at F8 in April, businesses and developers have built more than 33,000 bots to engage with people. You’ve built bots that can accept payments, deliver news and content, share weather updates, confirm reservations at a hotel, send receipts from a recent purchase, and more to help drive personalized, scaled experiences […]

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Messenger Platform v1.3 Features

Cross posted from the Facebook developer blog Today, we’re announcing new features and improvements to the Messenger Platform that developers have been asking for. Designed to provide visibility into optimal entry points, enhance existing conversations, and enable you to build better overall experiences, Messenger Platform v1.3 will give you more opportunities to effectively reach and […]

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Introducing Messenger Platform 1.3

For the first time ever, businesses can drive targeted audiences to Messenger and keep them engaged with new tools. Here’s another update on the Messenger Platform. It’s been six months since launch and this feels like a good time to reflect on what we have have learned and the progress we’ve made collectively. Three areas […]

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Messenger Platform 1.2: Link Ads to Messenger, Enhanced Mobile Websites, Payments and More

Today, we’re happy to share some features that we’ve been working on to create experiences that deliver value for people, businesses, and developers. Messenger as a Destination for News Feed Ads To further enable businesses to target discovery of experiences on the Messenger Platform, we are starting to roll out ads in News Feed that […]

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Updated Messenger Platform Policies and Faster Review Times

At Messenger, we’re committed to enabling high-quality experiences for developers, businesses, and the people they serve. Today, we’re launching new policies for the Messenger Platform as well as a faster review process. These updated policies will provide more defined engagement models on the platform, including time-based criteria for businesses to respond to messages and standards […]

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Messenger Platform 1.1: Ratings, Quick Replies, Account Linking, and More

Since the launch of the Messenger Platform in April of this year, over 11,000 bots have launched. ┬áToday, we’re happy to share some new developments we’ve been working on to improve experiences for people and businesses on the Messenger Platform. Quick replies Quick replies offer a more guided experience for people as they interact with […]

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